The Armati Collective Team

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Derek Grenfell

Armati Collective founder and head coach, Derek Grenfell has been training in the functional fitness space since 2011 when he first got involved with CrossFit. Since that time he’s grown to specialize in performance, functional rehab and nutrition. Derek also owns and runs his chiropractic office, Elite Spine & Sport, LLC. He’s passionate about creating stronger, healthier people that are “harder to kill”-a phrase that comes straight from his favorite quote from Mark Rippetoe.

He loves seeing the moment when members realize they are in the driver’s seat of their own health and fitness, and knowing that they can get as far as they are willing to go.

Since Derek already had a background in coaching and training, he applied the lessons and fundamentals taught in his chiropractic and rehabilitation facility to what is now the Armati Collective . What started as a part-time passion project to play alongside the chiropractic office has now evolved into Door County’s premiere health and fitness facility.

Brandon Schopf

Coach Brandon Schopf is passionate about improving the general wellness and fitness in his community. Before becoming a CrossFit coach at Armati Collective, Brandon served as a Door County paramedic for 15 years. But seeing what some people are forced to go through on a daily basis because of their unhealthy lifestyle is something Brandon wants to help with.
He says, “Through the Armati Collective, I can help people with fitness, nutritional and motivational information, Hopefully improving their overall physical wellness before they have to use services like paramedics, in home or out of home care.”

Jamie Kasten

Coach Jamie Kasten has been involved with CrossFit and functional fitness since January of 2018 and comes from a background of obstacle course racing. She is most passionate about continuous learning, healthy living, horses and her most recent interest, downhill skiing.
As a coach at Armati Collective, she loves watching someone improve and succeed, but perhaps even more she loves learning something new from different athletes every single day.

Jennifer Vandertie

Coach Jennifer Vandertie finds passion in anything that makes one better today than they were yesterday. Of course, functional fitness does just that. Jennifer carries this passion outside the gym as well. Coach Jen is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and when she’s not busy studying, coaching or working she spends time volunteering with several local organizations.

Coach Jen has been with Armati Collective since January of 2018 and her favorite thing about coaching is being able to witness just how far members will push themselves. She knows that each person is capable of so much more than they realize at the beginning. She loves helping them “unlock” their potential through functional fitness. Members of the Armati Tribe have a lot of grit and inspire her to be better than she was a day ago, a month ago, or even years ago.

Jenna Brandt

Coach Jenna Brandt has been coaching and training in the functional fitness arena since 2014 when her brother first introduced her to CrossFit. She’s been hooked ever since. When not coaching in the gym, Jenna is serving our local community as a Police Officer. She says she’s found keeping herself in shape has helped tremendously in my work.
Her passions in life are her family, pets, job, and fitness. The most rewarding part of coaching for Jenna is working with people, and helping them realize what they are able to do with their body. To her, nothing is better than seeing someone achieve their goal, and knowing you had some part in it!

Miriam LeBre

Coach and Gym Manager, Miriam LeBre…